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Bay Hill Property Owners Association employs several off duty officers to secure our neighborhood. If there is a non-emergency in the neighborhood (solicitors, suspicious vehicle or person, etc.) please call (407) 592-6503. If there is no answer, call Orange County Sherriff's Office at (407) 836-4357, or PCI Security at (877) 257-2338


If it is an emergency, call 911

It is recommended that you lock all doors on your vehicles and either hide or remove anything of value from your vehicle. It is also recommended that you remove your Sun pass transponder and your garage door clicker. If your clicker is stolen, thieves have easy access to your home when you are gone.

If you are going on vacation or will be away from your home for an extended period of time: Please download the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Home Check form and follow the instructions on the form so that patrol can be aware in case of suspicious activity. 

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